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“Falling” for Great Eye Sight Tips for Protecting Your Eye This Season

Fall in Montana means brisk, sunny days, colorful foliage, and kinder temperatures. While most people follow strict skin and hair care routines to protect against the damaging effects of the sun, they often neglect the importance of eye protection during any month. Exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can significantly…

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For Your Eyes Only Your Peepers Require Good Hygiene

Ocular hygiene  Most people brush their teeth everyday without even thinking about it, but did you know your eyes also need cleaning and hygiene?  Your eyes are surrounded by eyelashes and eyebrows to help keep debris out of your eyes.  They keep your eyes safe but they can also collect…

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Chronic Dry Eyes and How to Treat It

Now that winter and the cold weather has arrived in Montana, do your eyes water every time you go outside?  If yes, you actually have a type of dry eye disease.  Dry eye is a common term used to describe a range of ocular surface conditions that cause irritation to…

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