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Retinal Photography

During every complete eye exam, we will take retinal photos of each of your eyes. Retinal photography allows us to keep a very accurate record of your eye health. The eye health portion of the complete eye exam allows our doctors to check for a variety of ocular disease conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration, but it can also reveal systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and multiple sclerosis. These retinal photos can be compared from year to year to track for any changes in the back of your eyes. Although this photograph does supply our doctors with valuable information, it is not a substitute for a dilated eye exam.

We also offer Optomap photos to every patient. These photos give the doctors a wider field of view that gives a digital record of your entire retina. The standard photos view anywhere from 10 to 45 degrees of the retina, whereas the Optomap photos can view about 200 degrees or 82% of the retina. The doctors consider this the best screening test for all patients, not just patients with ocular disease or eye problems. Other testing is done for those conditions. Optomap also has a filter that checks retinal function, which helps the doctors find very subtle changes in the way the eye is working. Optomap photos are an additional $35 along with your exam.

Although Optomap does not technically replace a dilation, there are many cases in which a dilation may not be necessary along with the Optomap testing. The doctors will determine what is best for you and your eye health.