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Wiley X Sunglasses

We carry Wiley X sunglasses! If you have been in the military, enjoy spending time riding a motorcyle, or are a law enforcement officer, you are most likely familiar with Wiley X. Wiley X has an amazing reputation of making high quality, almost indestructible/shatterproof sunglasses with unbelieveable optics in their lenses. These sunglasses were made for you if you enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors.

They offer removable foam liners to protect your eyes from the wind that we are so familiar with here in Great Falls, MT. This is the perfect option to ward off ocular dryness caused by the changing climate. Wiley X sunglasses will protect your eyes from UV damage, wind, and debris, all while not sacrificing on style. All Wiley X sunglasses are also Ansi safety rated, so they are your best option for wear during high impact sports such as skiing.

Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, shooting, or hiking, come in and check out our selection and find the pair for you!

Free Sunglasses with Contacts!

We here at Treasure State Eyecare are very concerned about keeping your eyes protected from UV light while wearing contact lenses. This is why we introduced FREE Nautica polarized sunglasses with every year supply of contact lenses ordered. We have a selection of Nautica sunglasses to choose from, but if you prefer a different style, you can also get $50 off any pair of our sunglasses on our frame boards.

This includes all sunglass brands, such as Nike, Wiley X, Kate Spade, and many more!